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RE: jon hassell....

At 12:51 PM 9/23/97 -0800, you wrote:

>I still see the EG records turn up on vinyl, thought I don't believe they
>were ever issued on CD. Also, a few records he did on Eno's short-lived
>major label Opal turn up occaisionally: there's an excellent live record
>with an extremely long title that begins "The Surgeon of the Night 
>and a record he did with a traditional african ensemble whose title 
>me right now.

Just to repeat what others have chimed in with;

Actually they all were issued on cd at one time on Caroline, i believe. I
snapped them all up when they came out, a few years back. Some of my all
time favorite stuff. The one with Farafina was called "Flash of the 
I also have "Earthquake Island", which I believe is pre-Eno, even though
there are no recording dates on the disc. It has a bit more of a "Bitches
Brew" vibe for me, but with people like Miroslav Vitous, Nana Vasconcelos,
Badal Roy and Dom Um Romao, that is hardly surprising, and the trumpet
playing still sounds fairly highly processed. Not as much intense looping 
his later work, but you can hear how that whole mind-boggling run ("4th
World", "Surgeon of the Nightsky..." "Aka/Darbari/Java", "Dream Theory..",
etc., etc.) is right around the corner. The man is truly a giant in my
estimation, and yes, he does deserve his own list. I would definitely be 

I had been interested in the "End of Violence" score. I got the Soundtrack,
(Orbison and Eno is just too weird an idea to pass on, even if the 
is somewhat (actually much) less than I would have hoped for. But with
Barbara Orbison as Executive Producer, you know he wasn't going to be 
the vocal tracks over an extended version of "Somber Reptiles".) and I 
the Cooder track a lot and was going to seek out the Score. Interesting to
hear Hassell is on it. (I loved the "Trespass" soundtrack). Now I must
redouble my efforts. 

Back to lurking. Bye;

Erik Simpson