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JFK's LSD UFO comes alive......

>hello fellow loopers/digital guitarists....

welcome to the fall... those of you in the east of north america...

i've got a couple shows coming up - lots of live looping, digital noise,
analog tweakage, vortex abuse, midi-evil squack, y'know...if you haven't
heard us yet - check it out!!! Thanks to all of you who've bought our debut
cassette at the store or thru the mail or thru internet... we really
appreciate it. It's chaotic, quiet/loud duo music


Jfk's Lsd Ufo 9:30 pm EARLY SET!!!!!

The Brighton Bar-121 Brighton Ave-Longbranch NJ

SATURDAY SEPT 27 - Jfk's Lsd Ufo

Live at THE BOOK PIT 7:30 pm
behind Dorn's Photo Shop-Wallace ST, REd bank NJ
phone # listed, or call 732-747-6448 for info
(this is a cheap, non-smoking, all ages show!!! )