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Orion Space Rock Festival in Baltimore

Hey folks,

We're doing a space rock fest here in Maryland in a few weeks. One of the
featured acts is Fingerpaint who took part in the Philly Loop show earlier
this year. From my perusal of one of the members' rigs last Saturday, it's
been assimilating looping devices and effects doohickeys faster than the
max loop-time on my old Compueffectron. Check it out:

                              Orion Sound Studios
                              2903 Whittington Ave
                              Baltimore, Maryland

The Orion Space Rock Festival will be held on Saturday October 18th at
Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. This all day festival will
feature the top U.S. Space Rock acts performing full sets accompanied by a
psychedelic light show.

There will be a wide range of space rock styles presented. Everything from
loop-based ambient music to full blown intense mind blowing sci-fi rock.

Featured performers:

o Alien Planetscapes
o Architectural Metaphor
o Escapade
o Quarkspace
o Fingerpaint

ADMISSION:   $25.00 at the door. All ages welcome!

OTHER INFO:  Call the studio at 410.646.7334 after 2pm EST, email 
             alevin@ari.net, or point your favorite web browser to

        Orion Studios is a rehearsal and recording studio located in
beautiful southwest Baltimore, Maryland.  Orion has 21 rehearsal studios
which are rented on a monthly basis, plus a 24 track digital recording
studio attached to a showcase room.  The show will take place in the
Showcase Room. We have no liquor license, so its a BYOB affair. Sodas will
be available. There will be a retail area where the bands and other
vendors will be selling CDs, tapes, and T-shirts, so bring plenty of cash! 

Vendors interested in attending should call Orion or email 
about table rentals.

-Take I-95 to exit 50, Caton Ave. (Just inside the south west side of the 
 695 beltway)
-Take Caton Ave south to the third traffic light and turn left onto 
-Go 1/4 mile up the hill to the U-Haul sign and turn right onto Inverness.
-At the end of Inverness, turn left onto Whittington Ave. 
-Go to the end of Whittington and turn right into the parking lot
 at 2903 Whittington, in the Whittington Business Center.
-Orion is on the right.


       "...if one strives at hearing for the sake of constant virtue,
       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                           becomes a Hearer."
                           - Chandrakirti