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Re: the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

In a message dated 9/20/97 1:08:27 PM, you wrote:

<<Mike Lyon must
have been "lying." >>

Mike Lyon is a major psychotic liar that lied and bullshitted his way to 
position with Oberheim.   He has single handedly put off more customers and
dealers than anyone else at that company.   He lied to me and kept me 
for the upgrade for two (yes two) years.  I had two units that would not 
in stereo because of a known software glitch that he just played dumb 
 I've never experienced a worse run company than Oberheim.  I really hope
that Gibson solves the problems over there and saves this company and some 
the great products they market.  The people that create these products and
the people that put their faith in them and buy them deserve a lot better.
My question to Gibson:  Who the hell was responsible for not properly
overseeing this company?  And who on earth was responsible for hiring such 
complete goon as Mike Lyon?   

The Echoplex is a great product and it deserve a lot better than this.