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Re: Drifting

>One particular slightly aged stadium rock star wanted to know if we could
>set up a pedal to control the amount that stereo unsynced loops went out 
>phase! Do you see why this is so hard?
>Anyway, you can probably retain your clock drifting experiences on the
>upgrade by leaving the brothersync cable out and setting the sync to "off"
>like you have it now. That way, the stereo units will start and stop the
>loop record at the same time by the midi command, but will have no other
>points of reference to each other. So they will naturally drift apart.
>...and no I'm not going to make a pedal to control it.

I am not going to do it either, but it would not be too complicated:
Build a 44.1kHz generator (with 74HC03, for example) and change its
frequency slightly with the pedal (the pot in series with the feedback
resistor of the generator). Then feed the signal with a open collector
buffer (another part of the HC03) into the tip of BrotherSync.
Can easily be battery driven and probably could even be fed by the signal
coming out of the BrotherSync tip. About a 1k resistor and a big capacitor
should create The necesary 4V or so for the chip.