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Re: Vortex live (long)


Yes the Vortex does loop, you have about two seconds, but 
unlike the JamMan, there is no MIDI.  This one uses a nice
CV input for an expression pedal or any similar source of
control voltage.  I control mine from the Joystick of the VCS-3.

Incidentally, I had a JamMan and a Reflex, and both seemed to
be humming a little.  I thought this had to do with the adapters,
but now that I have the Vortex which is the quietest device I 
have ever heard in the lower price range, I am beginning to
suspect the hum was being carried thru the MIDI input.  Is this
possible at all?

My studio is the quietest most line noise free setup I could
ever assemble, and I only use headphones for monitoring
because of my obsession with hiss and hum, so this observation
isn't founded on guesswork.

Nuff for now.

D 4 V 1 D    K R 1 5 T 1 4 N

> From: mark sottilaro <msottila@mailbox.syr.edu>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Re: Vortex live (long)
> Date: Thursday, September 25, 1997 11:12 PM
> Hey,
> The Vortex sounds like a pretty cool device, but does it actually loop? 
> I know you can tap out the delay time, but can you synch it to MIDI?  Is
> the memory expandable like on the JamMan?  Inquiring minds want to know!
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> Mark
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