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Re: Good Ole Fashioned tape looping

When I did college radio I used the station's two Otari MX5050s. I have 
old posts regarding this somewhere. I really miss them and am planning on
replacing them with two personal units. If I were a mechanical genius I 
probably modify one into a single-tape machine. But would it be worth the
trouble? I can't remember why but it is not as simple as one might think, I
agonized over the same concept long ago. (Two decks are expensive so I 
hope I
am wrong). Still I love the sound of reel-to-reel feedback decay. Nothing
else like it. 


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 I haven't seen any posts relating to reel to reel looping, is anyone stil 
 doing this? Last year I sold both of my reel to reels, I miss them and am 
 considering getting back into tape looping. Has anyone managed to come up 
 with a single machine system? Would this work; signal hit the record 
 head, using some kind of tape tension kluge, pull the tape some distance 
 away from the machine, pre-capstan, so that the distance between the 
 record and playback heads is increased. I've been messing with a Dokorder 
 that I picked up a couple of weeks ago and it seems to me this could 
 work. Any ideas?