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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

> > Dave Stagner wrote:
> > > Mick Karn, who often plays bass with David Torn, uses a very similar
> > > technique on fretless bass.  Wonderful lines.  It starts with just a
> > > couple of notes, and eventually grows into a blur of slides, pops, 
> > > snorts.
> Karn loops?  Where?  What albums?  I own his last two solo albums and
> haven't heard any bass looping....should I be listening more carefully?
> Of course I deleted your original post so maybe it wasn't in reference to
> looping at all.  Alas.

I think he was (and I was) using a loose definition of looping, i.e.
creating repeating patterns on the instrument through live playing.
Technically different than what is discussed here, but idealogically
similar in many ways...

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