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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Pete Koniuto wrote:
> I realized then that Karn's simple little bass line groove
> wasn't so simple any more.  He had added really hard thumps
> in between Bozzio's kick drum beats, and pops and slides 
> would seem thrown in at random to accentuate this or that,
> but they kept coming back with some sick and twisted--yet
> consistent--pattern.  It was as if he had a looping device,
> but his "looping" was all happening in his head.  All the
> little textural nuances building up, some even fading away
> into the distance as more came in.  And though Bozzio had
> developed his ostinato into something a little more, well,
> Bozzio, and Torn was now playing flames with his guitar and 
> creating loopage and sonic havoc everywhere, Karn's "loop"
> was right there with it all, and it worked beautifully.
> A true testament to Karn's incredible ear and his ability
> to use it to his advantage in the most precarious of musical
> situations.  He can hear and listen very, very well, and
> this allows him to take chances with his playing.  These
> risks lead to some of the most unique, innovative musicianship
> i have ever seen or heard.
> Pete Koniuto

Wow Pete, you really paint a mouth-watering picture. Where can I pick up
an album of these three playing together?  I'm a fan of Bozzio from his
days with Zappa, but haven't picked up on Torn or Karn yet.  Please tell
me there's an album of this musical magic (madness?) out there somewhere.

Todd Pafford
galen@erols.com (preferred)
todd@galen.dyn.ml.org (expect bounces)