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Re: somebody using QT-MID-MOV to have loops

At 11:17 AM +0000 12/31/97, BUYO-BUYO-IGOR wrote:
>I'm new to this list and writng from Japan.
>Using 68k-Macintosh and love to to run several QuickTime Movies at
>once to have different length of loops get mixed forever.

that's a cool idea. I never thought that. Although I've actually done
basically that many times in a non-musical way, for stress testing
concurrency situations  on media processors for pc's....

>I also love Microtuned music and when running MIDI files...there will
>be a bunch of bend-data flowin in to QT-musical-instruments.
>What happening when different bends get onto the same MIDI channel?
>Simply the same with a sound module receiving a lot of MIDI-ins?
>Or will there be virtual sound modules for each QT-mid-mov file?

I guess I don't know what a mac would do, but I'm sort of curious. Have you
tried yet? I would expect Quicktime to act like a single sound module, with
pitch bend affecting everything on a given channel. So I would expect the
two movies to interfere with each other. Maybe not though, I'm not really
sure.  let me know if you find out....


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