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delays that slowwww

Fellow loopers,

Sorry to be banging on about gear again, but I must
know the answer...

What delay devices, obsolete or contemporary, can 
slow down the input signal ? I understand the Lex
PCM42 can, and the Echo Plus ( Digitech ? ) too, but
are there any others ?
I have a Whammy Pedal which can lower the pitch, but
the speed is the same. I'd like something that acts like
a varispeed has been turned down ( or up for Munchkin
dialogue )
I believe the slowing down of input to be a great thing
for these times, as we speed towards the millenium.
Hopefully the 'kids' will be 'hip' to it too.

Go raibh maith agat,  ('Thanks to you' in the Gaelic )