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3rd CD Project Update 01/03/98 (Happy New Year all!)

Well, 1998 is upon us, Happy New Year everyone,  I hope this will be a
productive year for all involved in these ongoing projects.  Can't wait to
hear the CDs that are in production now and those that will be completed 

For the 3rd CD project, the intent was to allow those who have recordings 
cassette tape (analog) to have the ability to make a CD.  If we don't have
submissions, then we'll allow any DAT overflow to be included as well.

The cost will be $100.00, and will follow the guidelines of the 2nd Project
which will allow a set amount of CDs to be donated to this site, the 
and the remaining to be divided evenly to the participants.  All future CD
pressings are given  
at cost to any of the participants.  This will allow you to market our CDs 
way you want.  

Submissions are being called for from now unitl March 31st.  There will be 
a 4
to 6 week mixdown with submission to the CD folks around June 1st.  Artwork
will be done by the members of the project or anyone else interested.  

This effort should not be confused with the first two projects.  The second
project is being produced by Matt Mcabe,  and I (John Peters) will produce 
third project.

Feel free to contact me via email at either ANET@AOL.COM or

My mailing address is:
15    9th  Ave. N.W.
Kasson, Minnesota 55944

Tapes will not be returned unless you enclose the return package and 
The property of the music will remain yours and the property of the CD will
those who particpate with stipends to this site (Kim Flint). 

Have a good year and hope to hear from you soon.

The current list of participants is: