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Re: JamMan sync misconceptions.

Hey there Bob,

Sorry to bother you, but a while ago you wrote:

> With MIDI clock IN disabled, the sequencer and JamMan can be connected
> as shown above but JamMan will ignore the MIDI clocks being output by
> the sequencer and still recognize all of the control commands. With
> this
> setup the operator simply TAPs in the first loop and a whole series of
> complex commands can be programmed into the sequencer with no
> additional
> operator intervention except to play their perspective instrument.

I have a question.  Is the opposite possible?  Can I make my JamMan
ignore program change commands while still synching to a MIDI clock?

Anyway, thanks for any help you can give me.  By the way, I FINALLY got
the chance to install the "Special 2 ROM" that you sent me many months
ago.  Tomorrow I intend to do the proper mods on my footswitchs, so you
may be asked to come to the rescue with info soon.  We'll see...

Also, isn't there anyone over there at Lexicon that you can kick in the
butt and have them start making those crazy delays again?  I can't
imagine that a processor that fetches full retail and beyond USED can't
be profitable for them to make.  Kooky!

-- --