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ZOOM 508

Thanx for all of the input regarding the digitech time machine.  I bought 
a zoom 508 but am not sure that I like the scrolling interface.  Knobs may 
be the way to go.

I didn't buy an expression pedal and so the TAP and HOLD features only 
work in the edit mode.  The manual is not very clear regarding the use of 
these functions without the foot control.  To date I've been able to use 
the hold mode which allows me to jam over a repeated portion of material 
but I can't figure out how to establish the length of the loop that is 
held.  I seem to get just a fragment of the overall delayed material.  
Maybe a half second piece of a four second delay.  TAP has completely 
eluded me.

I know this stuff is pretty basic to most of you but I would appreciate 
any direction possible.  I have until next week to return the device for a 
full refund and may still do that and opt for the time machine.

I'd like to get into a more detailed discussion of the zoom with someone 
knowledgable if anyone has the time.  That could be done seperate from 
this list to avoid boring others.