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Re: How to tell the difference

Any Echoplex DP can have either version of software, as the hardware hasn't
significantly changed in that regard. so if you get one with an old version
of Loop installed, you can certainly get it upgraded.

You can tell which software version is installed right at power up, when it
displays the version. The older software versions are very pragmatic and 
right to the point, displaying something like "LD3.3.2" before showing the
loop time. The new version is a bit more dramatic in proclaiming it's
identity, scrolling "Loop3" across the display 3 times before displaying 
version, which is currently 5.0.

And it should be pretty clear whether it's a really old echoplex or not, as
those ones use tape. The really, really old ones are also green and use
tubes. ;-)


At 04:01 PM 1/6/98 -0800, Clark Battle wrote:
>Is there a way to tell the difference between old Echoplexi and new
>Echoplexi with the latest version of the Loop software?  I have located
>one but dont know what version it is.  Can you tell by the serial number
>or something?
>Clark Battle
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