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        Awhile back Kim had asked about the MPX R1:"- Can the
footswitches be programmed to act in a momentary or toggle function?
Momentary meaning you press the switch and one midi string is sent, when
you let go of the switch, a second midi string is sent. Toggle meaning
the first time I press a given switch, it sends one string of midi
commands, the second time I press it it sends a second string. The most
obvious example of momentary is playing notes or chords on a synth,
where press down on the switch sends the note-on and releasing it sends
the note off. Toggle is useful for a stomp-box like approach, where you
might have one effect assigned to a given switch. So you press that
switch and the effect comes on, press again and it turns off. The PMC-10
and Roctron pedals can do these and I find it extremely useful.

> - Does it have midi in? If so, can it do things like midi merge, midi
> filtering, etc.?
> - Can you send all possible midi commands? For example, I want to send
> note-on, note-off to synths and samplers. I'd also like to send
> start-song
> and stop-song messages to sequencers. And for any commands not
> explicitly available, I'd like to be able to send sysex, or even just
> directly type in
> the hex for the midi command. (for example, I'm a long way from
> needing
> this, but eventually I would like to use Midi Show Control for
> lighting and
> such. If I could spontaneously set the lighting while playing, that
> would
> be very cool. I wouldn't expect this in a midi pedal, but if I could
> type
> in the hex for it myself that would be fine.) Again, I can do this
> stuff
> with the PMC-10. But like Miko, if the pmc starts acting up I'd like
> to
> know what else I can get."
> - how many patches/banks/sets etc can it hold?
> thanks,
> kim
        Sorry for the delay in responding to this.  There is no toggling
of different functions from one switch.

        It will send all MIDI commands except for Note On and Note Off.

        There is no SYSEX programming.

        There is a MIDI in for merging data but no filtering.

        There are 100 setups.

        Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is
anything that I can do for you.

        Best regards,

        Greg Hogan
        Lexicon Customer Service
        Phone +781-280-0372
        FAX +781-280-0499
        email: ghogan@lexicon.com