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Re: Philadelphia Loop Show 1998

Hello Jim Speer,
I play with a project called Electric Bird Noise.We play cinematic loop and
layered intrumental guitar music.We are very interested in playing your 
show in Philadelphia.Please send us more information.Were can we send a 
Thank you 
Brian McKenzie

In a message dated 98-01-07 17:25:08 EST, you write:

<< So I'd like to start thinking about putting another Loop Show on, most
 > likely in March or April again of next year.  I am not entirely sure what
 > the goal of this follow-up show should be;  Perhaps to get entirely
 > different artists than last year, comes immediately to mind.  But we had
 > such a strong line-up last year, and I'm not deeply philosophically 
 > to repeat performances, particularly since this is a full year later.
 > Anybody interested in this show, in participating, in attending, in 
 > suggestions, questions, whatever, please email me.  I'm sure I will
 > gradually get a sense of what the show will be like once I get some more
 > input.
 > Looking forward to hearing from you!
 > Jim Speer