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Looping near London/New Year listening

     A brief plug for my gig next Friday, 16th Jan, when I'll be playing 
     the Croydon ClockTower's Balcony Bar between 7&8 pm, prior to the 
     evening's main performance by the very wonderful Eduardo Niebla 
     duo - further details from <http://subnet.virtual-pc.com/~or387751
     Also, a recommendation for a relatively new album out on ECM 
     Europe only so far), Nils Petter Molv¾r's "Khmer", which the label 
     describes as featuring:
       "Massive beats and throbbing grooves [which] underpin the 
       Norwegian trumpeter's fiery solos in a project that forms a 
       bridge between ECM's improvised soundscapes and the brave new 
       world of trip-hop, drum'n'bass, ambient/illbient, techno, 
       industrial, electronica and samples."
     I'm not sure if I'd've bought it if I'd read that first(!) - its a 
     factual description in many respects (most of those elements are 
     present in varying levels of prominence) - but reads like a slightly 
     desperate attempt to force together "everything that's new". The 
     itself touches on areas similar in parts to Jon Hassell, Mark Isham 
     and possibly Ben Neill (3 other trumpet players - aren't I 
     imaginative), and I really rather like it. Not a unique stylistic 
     break-through or anything, but worth investigating.
     Also: I finally got hold of the [`Guitar artistry of...'] Bill 
     video, which is fine, although apparently a painful experience for 
     Bill himself; and in Tower's New Year Sale, I found a David Tronzo 
     Trio live-in-Japan-for-German-radio (or something like that) CD, 
     has hints of looping, and is a cracking good listen too.
     Thats enough for now