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Re: Freon and protuberant cacaphony

At 08:55 AM 1/11/98 EST, you wrote:
>I don't think they sell Freon anymore. It is nasty stuff that pokes holes 
>the ozone. =-l PJ
'Tis one of the reasons that you wear SPF 45 in Australia . . .

re: selling hte stuff: true for air conditioners and fridges (at least
consumers can't get it), and I'm not sure where they are on phasing it out,
but I think they still use various pure forms of it in teeny bottles for
cleaning contacts and tape heads.

>Hey friends,
>I was advised by an electician/musicion friend of mine,that radio shack tv
>cleaner is not the way to go.Instead use an electrical grade cleaner,I got
my can at
>the local auto parts store
>and it works wonderfuly.Looping in Ga.,Jeff Duke sr.You can check out my
new web
>page at; http://members.tripod.com/~dukesr/index.html

I would never get "tuner cleaner" either just cuz' it seems like it is
contact cleaner in a different can

I'd be inclined to get my contact cleaner in a (presumably) purer form at 
electronics place--but then again, with all the chips and gold contacts in
today's cars, there probably isn't any diff (and I'm sure it's cheaper)

drone on    Tom

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