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Re: N.A.M.M show

Kim Flint wrote:
> NAMM is not open the public, actually. (Frankfurt musik messe is on two
> days, and boy does it suck.) You have to "work" for a company in the 
> industry that belongs to NAMM (national association of music merchants). 
> lot of people seem to miraculously find employment in the music industry 
> late january and appear at the show. Its sort of a see and be seen deal 
> some - there's usually lots of hair spray, spandex, silicone, and 
> rock stars walking about. (there must some neighborhood in LA that 
> to leave the 80's.) For the serious gearhead, NAMM is a giant toy store
> where you get to try all the toys before the other kids. Oh, and some 
> souls actually have to work during all that noise and insanity.....
> kim

- and some poor souls actually BUY those shiny prototypes that are held
together with chewing gum and fear . . .