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Gig listings on the web

Hi Loopers,

As was discussed here several months back, the Music-Cal musical events
calendar system  http://concerts.calendar.com   has indeed added a
"looping" category to their system. What that means is that when
loop-based gigs are posted there, anyone interested in finding out who's
playing where and when can search system-wide by "category" and see all
the loop gigs everywhere.

It's also possible to post things there that are not your own gigs, i.e.
if you know of an upcoming appearance by one of the more known artists
that is not already posted there, you can do the favor of posting it, as
long as you're sure your data is correct.

This service is free to all and it's excellent. Go take a look if you
haven't already. The more this system is used, the better it will become.

Kim, you can now set up a page on the LD site with an HTML fragment that
will execute an automatic search and let visitors to LD check all the
loop gigs without even knowing that they are using the Musi-Cal system!

loop on,