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time machine/ gig with ElliottSharp, Chris Haskett


just scored a digitech  Time Machine 800, 8 secs of looping and fun!!!

and....(drum roll)

only $169 !!!!  eat your ROMs out!!!

Used Stuff Doth Rule.

and NY/NJ/DEL Loopers...I'll be using this new toy and others on superbowl
sunday at the 'Noisebowl 98' - 
sun jan 25       8:00pm
the court tavern
new brunswick nj

- Elliot Sharp (solo TECTONICS w/mac computer)
-Chris Haskett band (Rollins Band guitarist)

i'm in the first duo, we use a ton of loopage, using digitech, korg,
vortex, boss delays, as well as live sequence looping
more info, links to all relevant sites are on the schedule at