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Re[2]: MicroSynth

     For the Electro Harmonix admirers: there is a site with all the 

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Assunto: Re: MicroSynth
Autor:  Tom Lambrecht <hideo@concentric.net> na internet
Data:    16/01/1998 04:15

if you are going to try to make a killing on this, now is a good time to 
it. this is one of two units that EH has scheduled for reissue (which will 
probably adversely impact the used market price).
At 03:07 PM 1/15/98 -0700, you wrote: 
>Matthias Grob said:
>> Someone gave me one that does not work. If its value is high, it might 
>> motivate me to fix it.
>> How much is the offer for a perfectly working one? 
>> Matthias
>I just gave a partially-working one to former listmember Russ Gorton 
>I bought new in 1981 for about $200).  The street price in the US is as 
>much as $600 per--Bog knows why.  Apart from some groovy envelope 
>filtering, it's basically a crappy octaver and crappy fuzz with a noisy 
Tom Lambrecht  hideo@concentric.net