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Re: CD recorders

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Jim Coker wrote:

> Something you might want to keep in mind is the cost of CD-RW blanks,
> which I think are $10 or more, whereas you can get blank CD-Rs for
> $2.50 in qty of 50 or more (with a jewel box).  I got a Sony 2x recorder
> from APS (w/ Toast) for $400 a couple months ago and it works
> great.

Most (if not all) CD-RW drives will write both types of media, but
obviously the RW ability will only work on the RW media. 

Prices on the CDR media are still dropping. I bought a 10 pack of generic
unlabeled discs with jewel cases for $20 at Best Buy when I bought my
drive last week.


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