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Re: Looping with sequencers..

Hey ya'll,Interesting thought,one of the most common responses that I get 
I loop live is;where are the tape recorders!Very few people seem to know
anything about the means of achieving the effect of multiple players using
digital delays,let alone sequencers.
My favorite show every year is when my band Techno Babble plays the annual
Jolly Elementery School PTA fundraising event,the kids just seem to accept 
sound on it's own merit and dance to the music with out questioning how it 
being done.Personally
I don't care how either,if it moves me I like it.
Jeff Duke sr.

Andre Cholmodeley wrote:

> does anyone use a sequencer for looping???? I do, and i'm wondering where
> the line is, i mean, most of our delays are digital, too...hmmmm.
> I just hit record (like kicking on one of my delays) on a roland msq100 
> 700, play a live, usually spontaneous idea till i want..(end of loop) -
> then i hit stop and play, then let the material loop once or
> indefinitely....
> is it looping??? i'd like to hear some thoughts on that, some
> opinions...maybe i've missed it, but haven't heard of anyone using this
> tool, sequencers have a bad name due to madonna and certain rush songs on
> stage, etc