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Re: New to looping/processing


Footswitches are on the way to Thoroughbred and other reputable stocking
Oberheim dealers. (Reputable Stockings? Sounds like a Zappa tune...) I
would recommend getting an EDP, natch, and both Thoroughbred
(813-889-3874)and Bananas at Large (415-457-7600 ask for Rick)are excellent
sources for all things OB. Enjoy!!

Tom Spaulding
Oberheim Product Manager
1818 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN  37210

At 09:26 AM 1/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm an acoustic guitarist/singer/composer and I'm getting interested in 
>concept of looping and processing the acoustic guitar.  I'm intrigued with
>the idea of extending my solo guitar and voice concept to incorporate new
>sounds, textures, and rhythms via electronics.
>I've got a little money to throw at this (~$1500) and I'd like some advice
>on how I might best spend the money.
>My idea is to install a decent quality pickup on my acoustic, something
>that would maintain a reasonable amount of the acoustic guitar timbre
>before sending it to processing.  I've heard good things about the Sunrise
>and McIntyre pickups for this type of application.
>The Echoplex Digital Pro seems the clear choice for a looper.  Has
>availability of these improved lately?  (sorry if it's a faq, just joined
>the list).  I did phone Thoroughbred Music and they had three in stock, 
>no pedalboards.
>In addition, I'd like a multifx box to do standard digital processing for
>both the guitar and the voice.  My main question revolves around the issue
>of stereo processing.  Do you really need 2 Echoplexes to get a decent
>stereo sound happening?  Do most people running stereo process first (add
>reverb, flange, etc.) and then go into 2 Echoplexes?  Or do people loop
>first and then send the mono looped signal into a stereo processor and
>output from there?
>My choices (for around $1500) seem to be:
>1) Echoplex mono into good quality multifx to stereo output.
>2) El cheapo multifx stereo output into 2 Echoplexes operating in sync.
>Any advice to help me think about this would be much appreciated.  It sure
>would be great to be able to do both the processing and looping in a 
>box, but I don't think anything like that's on the market....correct?