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Re: Re: Echoplex functions ?

Wasn't the upgrade that Bob was planning (before Lex axed it) going to
allow simultaneous playback of multiple loops?

At 12:07 PM 1/19/98 -0800, Kim wrote:
>JamMan doesn't do that either, and it's multi-loop functions are somewhat
>more limited than the echoplex's. The only looper I know of that can sort 
>do polyphonic/multi-track loops is the Akai Remix16. With that one though,
>you can't play and record at the same time, and there isn't even any
>overdubbing. So you have to record all the loops first, and then play them
>back simultaneously. There is no single device that really does what you
>want. The echoplex is designed so that you can synchronize multiple units
>together in various ways, so that one can be used for each track in a
>multi-track loop. A lot of people do that for the multi-track effect. I
>think you might be able to do this with multiple JamMan's as well, but it
>isn't specifically designed for it so it's not so elegant to use.