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Re: New to looping/processing

>as far as new loopers,   I think I heard somebody say something about
>Lexicon doing something....   

Someone directly queried Lexicon, and the answer was "We don't comment on 
rumors".  I do remember one of the ex-Lex employees on the list saying 
something to the effect that the phrase "JamMan upgrade" was a sure way 
to send a roomfull of Lexicon employees into hysterical laughter.

>It only makes sense, If the JamMan is 
>and currently is gaining value on the used market at an astrnomical rate 
>wouldn't lexicon want to create a "new" technology to counteract 
>success with the  Echo-complex?   

Because many people waited until the JamMan (and the Vortex) was 
discontinued and being blown-out at deep discount before buying one.  
That's not the sort of sales record that inspires companies to invest in 
new technology.

Travis Hartnett