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Robert Fripp in Montreal


I just saw Robert Fripp last night.  Great show, although he started way 
ahead of

I was glad to hear the Roland GR-300 guitar synth was still being used by 
Mr. Fripp,
but I just wish the idiots seated in front of me could have shut up for at 
least five

I gave Mr. Fripp a copy of my last CD during the "question period" and he 
plugged it :)

We were also treated to a preview of "Projekt 2", but the true highlight 
remained his
excellent live set, which many people enjoyed with eyes closed, and heads 
in humble communion...

Some people were a bit rude during the question period, these of course 
being the
soul-less guitar "technicians" and all-round reactionairies, but 
nonetheless, Mr. Fripp
answered in a most diplomatic and respectful manner.

A true Gentleman.


D 4 V 1 D    K R 1 5 T 1 4 N