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RE: Hello...

Corynne wrote:
> Hi Laurie, It's nice to find other women doing this sort of thing!
>Thanks for the reply!  What instrument(s) to you play?  I'd like to hear
>some of what you do...  I'll be talking again soon, but as of now, it's
>late here so I'm going to sign off.

I play bass, mostly.  Just recently started making more elaborate loops 
with a 
"plex n' tex" rack expansion.  (As in echo- and vor-.  Sounds like 
that is done at a neo-gothic plastic surgeon's joint.  Yikes.)

You've certainly come to the right place to talk loops.  (Does that mean 
we end 
up repeating ourselves a lot?)  There are some incredibly knowledgeable 
helpful people hangin out here, if a little twisted.  %^)  Moebius 
 I'd better stop now.

ciao --

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