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RE:www-cycling74 wow.:)

At 03:42 PM 1/21/98 -0500, innerspace@mediaone.net wrote:
>Curtis Bahn wrote:
>> Also check out MSP, David Zicarelli's signal processing extensions to 
>> at http://www.cycling74.com.  If you have a powerpc computer you can 
>> design custom looping and overdubbing algorithms (amoung many other
>> things).  It's great !  Programs like MSP and LiSa are taking looping 
>> from the restrictions of commercial hardware, to a whole new level of
>> personal sound design and performance interaction.
>> crb
>hey there...    I'm new to PC...home PC that is, recording.  What you 
>this site and these programs is way too interesting to pass up... but I 
>its a bit over my head.
>I've got a P2 266/mmx w/ 6gb, and a few years experience in a studio.  How
hard is
>this?  I don't think I'm dumb, I should be able to figure it out.  Any 

In the case of David Z's Max objects, you may be out of luck. Max is a
Macintosh program. (and a truly awesome and ridiculously useful one at
that.) Last I heard there were no serious plans to port it to PC. Don't 
about LiSa.

Oh, and if you don't know who David Zicarelli is, pretty much anything he's
ever been involved with is likely to be great. (except maybe g-wiz, he
worked there for a brief time near the end, but not long enough to do
anything good.)

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