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RE: LiSa

Just looked in on the list for the first time in a *long* while, and
thought I'd chime in with something helpful for a change. . .

In the same ballpark as LiSa is Generator, from Native Instruments.
It's *much* more flexible than LiSa.  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten
the ADC module to work yet, and they're not sure what's wrong. . . so I
haven't tried the looping capabilities yet.

Anyway, (assuming they can get the problem fixed), you can do things
like create 8 synced stereo loopers, with changable ratios of loop
lengths (e.g., one loop looping in 5 and one in 7), with the ratio and
levels and record state of each controlled by yer Peavey 1600 MIDI fader
box.  Sync them to a set of virtual sequencers each driving a virtual
MiniMoog.  Save and restore setups for each song to disk.  Etc.

Imagine the Peavey 1600 fader box set up with 8 pairs of faders, one
pair for each looper.  Left fader of the pair controls how long the loop
is, continuously or in beats (whichever you like), right one controls
level.  Left button turns on record when the next beat comes around.
Looper automatically stops recording when the set loop length or number
of beats is over (no more trying to tap just at the right moment.)
Right button mutes the channel (or whatever you want).  As much loop
memory as yer PC has (yeah I know, I'm a Mac fan, too).

Throw in real-time processing on each of the loops, as well (e.g.,
chorusing, stereo crossfades, FM between two signals, whatever).  

I haven't messed with my faderbox enough to know, but it seems like you
could set it up to switch between a number of sets of midi channel
assignments, so you could flip the faderboard between controlling the
loops, and controlling the processing, as you were performing.


I'll let folks know once I've got it working.

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