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Re: "Door X" worth checking out

I agree with Travis,Door x,while not Cloud About Mercury was a great
album(yes I have the vinyl)Torn is one of the great loopers of our 
profundity!).The vocals were a surprise to me but I wish that I could sing
like that!
Jeff Duke sr.

T.W. Hartnett wrote:

> >However, I hated Door X.  Trite rock music with none of what I
> >consider Torn's distinctive stylings.  I think I remember singing.
> >It's on Windham Hill, which used to be an OK label, but not known for
> >their rock music.
> I'd seen "Door X" slammed for years, but hadn't been able to find a copy
> to complete my Torn collection.  Recently I found one, and I like it.  If
> you don't like the singing, skip every other track, but I had no problem
> with the vocals.
> In no way would I describe this as "trite rock music".
> Travis Hartnett