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Re: looping over the Internet - one day hopefully !

We were working on this idea at g-wiz several years ago. It's an 
concept, with some unique challenges and possibilities. Unfortunately, most
of the people working on it got fired right about the time they were about
to produce some initial demos, so nothing came of it. Gibson never had a
clue what they lost when they did that. too bad....


At 04:35 PM 1/23/98 -0500, Jeff Duke wrote:
>I have been pondering how this could be accomplished myself.I have heard 
>jamming with midi over the internet but audio?hmmm,maybe bandwith is 
>Jeff Duke sr.
>Darcy Clark wrote:
>> It occurs to me that looping would be particularly suited to internet
>> jamming, as latency could be accommodated by using longish loop times, 
>> by only adding contributions to the loop at the start of the next loop. 
>> we need now is a TCP/IP-aware Jamman upgrade !!!  ;)
>> >Some people of been exploring the musical possibilities of HUGE
>> >latencies through internet jams. Last month some folks in NYC jammed
>> >with some other folks in Japan where latencies where up around 10
>> >seconds, at least! It's a feature, not a bug...
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