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Re: looping over the Internet - one day hopefully !

At 07:20 PM 1/23/98 EST, ZeplinSoup wrote:
>last year sometime I think Cakewalk music software,in collaboration with
>thunder fingers himself (John Entwitsle) sp huh oh well..anyway they did 
>first Live Internet Jam using ISDN lines in two remote locations.sorry 
>guys I
>had a magazine article somewhere---I just looked for it ---that had a midi
>internet jam with many people.

hmm. I think this was first done longer than a year ago, actually. I recall
a san francisco based technology/performance artist doing something like
this, with multiple musicians in different locations, playing over the net.
Seems like it was at least two years ago, but I'm not real sure.

>we have seen some pretty amazing music technology which is very new.I am
>thrilled with possibilies---like wouldnt it be cool to control stage 
>effects via midi and midi sequencing so that colors swirl and undulate in
>precision with the music.Some very starling performances to a future 
>(  dessert anyone?) audience as I am convinced that art + music will be 
>one of
>the next frontiers....

You could do that now, with Midi Show Control and typical lighting rigs.
Also, I once talked to a guy at a laserium show who said all his laser 
was controlled by midi. So there ya go, no reason to wait. You could
probably set up Max patches that react to musical events by doing 
things with the lights, and then improvise it all. My neighbor does really
creative lighting for raves and clubs as a hobby, I'll ask him about that
sometime. He'd probably know what gear is available.

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