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Re: looping over the Internet - one day hopefully !

on the definitive take,if everyone recorded the loop from start to finish 
made a cd of all the different takes they would all sound the same,would'nt
they?It would only be different at the time it was listened to and jammed
with....oh well too early,i need more java(coffee that is)jeff

Sean T Barrett wrote:

> >Could latency be overcome in part by having everything run to some kind 
> >Sync track, the way JamMan handles phrased loops; ultimately everyone 
> >be out of sync but by exactly 1/2/4 bars or whatever. If the latency is
> >exactly the size of a repeated unit (a loop, 4 bars, whatever) the
> >musicians will sound in time, though may not _be_ in
> >time.
> This is pretty much how I picture it could work.  Basically,
> everybody has a little software synthesizer playing a bunch
> of loops, one per musician.  You update your loop, and it
> gets transmitted to all the other musicians.  (Ok, before you
> technical folk jump on me, for network bandwidth reasons, if
> there's more than two of you, that synthesizer might actually
> be a remote host--that is, do it client/server where I've just
> described peer-to-peer.)
> They hear the loop change properly, but delayed from when
> you made the change.  Of course, it's not just "delayed";
> because they make a change, and you hear THAT change
> delayed, and a third party hears both your changes at the
> _same_ time...
> Here, let me give you an almost concrete description:
> You only change your loop a few times, and we'll name
> each varation "a" or "b" etc, so you play
>  a a a b b c c c d d
> and meanwhile we'll call his variations "1" or "2" etc...
>  1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5
> But you don't hear the other guy's change for one loop,
> you would hear:
>   a a1 a1 b2 b2 c3 c3 c4 d4 d5 5
> and he would hear
>   1 a1 a2 a2 b3 b3 c4 c4 c5 d5 d
> So if these were each a full loop long, and the changes
> were gradual, the differences would probably not interfere
> too much with your ability to cooperate.  The question is,
> what version is the "definitive" take?  Everyone hears
> things differently, and _nobody_ hears the obvious
> "simultaneous" version a1 a1 a2 b2 b3 c3 c4 c4 d5 d5.
> Sean Barrett