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Re: Torn and Door X -- an apology

I emailed Jeff Suit at DT's site and he sent me this url for his new and
improved ra's.they sound great but they are for a 56k modem so it was a 
choppy for me at 33.6they played though and do sound good.Heres the url;


Caleb Deupree wrote:

> Based on the positive reactions which Door X got earlier today on this
> list, I dug up my old copy and listened to it again, and it was *much*
> better than I remembered (although I still prefer his more experimental
> work).  Thanks for the admonishments which got me to listen to it again. 
> I
> also noticed a couple of listings for it at www.gemm.com, a clearinghouse
> for various new and used CD dealers.  They also had the oop CMP albums, 
> ridiculously high prices.
> There is a web site on Torn at http://ott-outreach.engin.umich.edu/torn/,
> although it doesn't appear to have been updated lately.
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