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Re: David Torn loop CDs

<P>Michael Peters wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>okay, talking about DoorX and Torn's other CDs -
maybe not everyone on the
<BR>list is aware of Torn's awesome loop CDs 'Tonal Textures' and 

<P>The Tonal Textures cover says:

<P>>Unusual sonic landscapes and unique
<BR>>atmospheres for use as musical
<BR>>backgrounds in multi-media,
<BR>>film scoring, composition,
<BR>>and music production.

<P>About Pandora's Toolbox, Torn wrote,

<P>>'pandora' is a bit different:
<BR>>much more material than t.t.,
<BR>>so it had to be set-up a little more
<BR>>efficiently for sampling-peoples.

<P>The problem with these 2 CDs is that they're not regular audio CDs
<BR>(although they can be played on regular CD players) but supposed to
<BR>sample CDs - they are available from Q-Up Arts (check their website)
for a
<BR>*very* high price which kept me from buying Pandora's Toolbox, but
I spent
<BR>the money for Tonal Textures because Torn played it before his 
<BR>over God' solo concert and I immediately fell in love with it. Very
<BR>beautiful, you'll sure like it if you are into, say, Enoesque 
<BR>Definitely recommended stuff.

<BR>Michael Peters
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