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Re: Kundun (and Steve Reich)

Hey ya'll,
R&T, or anybody, could you explain what gradual changes in phase means,I am
going to look for Reich.It sounds cool and I have been wanting to do some
looping with real and analog drums.
thanks much,Jeff

R & T Cummings wrote:

> Some interesting ideas with the minimal music approaches, I think.
> One of favorite pieces is Steve Reich's _Drumming_ which at
> 1 1/2 hours length involves "changes of phase position, pitch and
> timbre" (liner notes). In this piece they start on tuned bongos and
> gradually introduce voice, marimbas and glockenspiels while all
> basically using the same rhythmic figure (with gradual changes of
> relative phase). Another approach that he used on some pieces (e.g. _Six
> Pianos), was changing phase in discrete steps of eigths etc. combined
> with addition/ subtraction/ replacement of notes.
> This latter technique seems to me to be simpler and maybe a more
> feasible way of getting started (Although, I personally have not
> really tried this to any depth). Any of you have some ideas on these
> sorts of techniques, as applied to machine-aided looping.
> Machine-aided looping (especially the 95% echo feedback type
> of looping) basically uses similar concepts, doesn't it?
> Thanks for the posts in this direction - this induces some new (well,
> actually old - let's say recycled) ideas!