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Re[2]: Selling stuff over the internet

Ed Drake ...
>> I had a question for anybody out there in loopland. I have an ADA MC-1
>>midi controller for sale and I've had a response via the net, so I was
>>wondering what is the best way to avoid being ripped off? I've heard 
>>shipping COD via one of the package carriers (UPS, Fed Ex, etc) is the 
>>way but does anyone have advice or experiences they would like to share? 
>>Pardon my naivete concerning this.

>Matt McCabe said...
>Definitely ship COD.  Trust no one.  There are many flaky people out there
>with internet access.  I've sold and bought a number of things over the 
>via COD.  It has worked without a flaw everytime.  The only bummer is that
>it can take up to a month to get your money if you ship COD via UPS.  
     UPS is usually a little on the slow side. 2-3 weeks for them to mail 
     you your check... It usually goes OK.
     Once I received a cryptic piece of paper which sort of looked like a 
     check. I took it to the bank and 'deposited' it. The bank didn't even 
     know if it was a check or not! It bounced. It took me around 4-6 
     months to straighten this out with UPS. Bummer. No one at UPS could 
     help me at all until I started writing threatening letters to their 
     corporate collection department.
     I've had good success with FedEx COD. You get it overnight or in 2 
     days usually. Have the buyer cut a money order or cashier check for 
     the correct amount. FedEx will just forward that to you. 
     A couple of times UPS has had the buyer write the check to *them*, 
     then processed that through their accounting department, and then 
     written *me* a check! That takes a long time as well. A way around 
     this is to definitely have the buyer hand them a money order made out 
     to your full legal name. They can't cash that and usually just 
     it to you. Much Better!
     Never have I had a bad piece of gear.
     Good luck