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Re: Re: funky vintage boxes..

hey Drew, thanks for the reply- i love talking about toys too!
i've been wondering about Parker fly's (flies?) for a while... i have a 
o vintage guitars, but also have a Steinberger i use when precision is an
issue..but the lack of a headstock buggs me too much to use it live, hence
the Parker interest.
 As for Electro Harmonix stuff, i have TONS of their pedals & they are
totally the shit! never had a BadStone, but have small stone, electric
mistress, clone theory, etc... both the small clone & polychorus  R way 
in terms of modulation efx-
big muff pi (not the deluxe big muff, tho-it doesnt sound nearly as great 
) &
graphic fuzz are my alltime fave distortion devices... and if U ever see a
super replay, BUY IT!  4 seconds of crazy lo res looping from outer
space...the attack delay is way outta control, too   >>>>>>gregor