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re: 5 loopin' choices

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 03:33:03 -0500 (EST) CORROSIVE@aol.com writes:
>Ok, cool- now that were being gear indulgent, how about everybody 
>their top 5 loop oriented desert island discs...>

              great idea !
..."discs"... can i change that to "works"?

1.  music of the pygmies of Central Africa 
                       (especially "choir yodels")  
2.  Steve Reich's work 
             (Piano Phase being the most seraphic)  
3.  Ingram Marshall  - Hidden Voices  
4.  Maurice Ravel  - Bolero  
5.  the choir of my "plex"ed voice  
           (i wasn't a narcist before the plex)  

Also, any of you has a copy of the first "loopers CD"?  

smiles !  (Corynne, can i use it, pleeeease! )  


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