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Frippery vs. Bitchery

You know, at no point in this strangely looping discussion has anyone 
about the idea that - wonder of wonders! - perhaps RF LIKES what he's doing
right now...!

I believe we've all been there, hm?  But if you're looking for blazingly
fast technique guitar, go listen to one of the fellows from the G3 tour.
Amongst the things I get out of listening to music (and yes!  Fripp's work
too), "being impressed" is not high on my list of expectations before the

Just listen to it, and if you don't like it, listen to something else.  I
just think this bitching about his work is pointless unless someone can 
up with an alternative guitarist/style/etc that one likes Better.  Or
perhaps it's your own work you like better, just say so.

Who ever said it was supposed to be exciting ALL the time anyway?  Or did
yez think it was a marketing ploy when Fripp said (back in the early 80s,
pre-KC2) that at times he made an effort to be as boring as humanly

I'd have kept my keyboard untouched on this one, if it had not denigrated
into this whiningly annoying bit.  It smacks a bit of the Satriani-heads 
were also disappointed in Soundscape works.  Oh brother, whatta buncha
consumers THEY are. :)

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Studios    * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios

>>..whatever... i agree - it's some of fripp's most..... non exciting 
>>but , yes, i respect the fact - that was what he was going for.. but on
>>2 soundsscape CDs i have , plus the G3 show, it never seemed to take off,
>>beyond simplistic, basic synth patches thru cool stereo FX. not as
>>adventurous as he usually is, by far!
>This is a good point.  Fripp does rely too much on synth patches.  Now 
>can sometimes work very effectively such as on A Blessing of Tears, but
>often than not it just gets cloying.  I would like to see him use the
>natural sound of the guitar more - essentially i would like him to sound
>like a guitarist, rather than a keyboard player.