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Re: Another NAMM Report

sorry about the format of that post...I just pasted it in from Simple Text;
dunno why it got so screwed up..here it is again:

I was lucky enough to spend Thursday at NAMM, and spotted these cool new 
Lexicon is going for guitarists in a big way, with their „Custom Shopš,
complete with Harley-Davidson-esque Logo (everyone KNOWS what macho 
we guitarists are, right?), and the input (endorsement?) of Eddie Kramer, 
was wandering around the booth as I listened. The current product line
1. A revamped version of the MPX -1, called the MPX G2, which will 
do everything the -1 will, but has a new analog section for 
stuff and classic stomp box emulations (they list Uni-Vibe, Cry Baby, Dyna
Comp, Vox...), an effects loop so you can position your own preamp (or
whatever) after some effects and before others, front-panel EQ knobs and
headphone jack,  intelligent pitch shifting, AND....
20 sec. of full bandwidth delay (stereo I think). Will be about $200 more 
the MPX and is coming 2nd quarter 98---their R1 Remote Foot switch will be
updated to handle it, and will include a readout for the tuner that‚s in 
G2. Oh, it doesn‚t seem to have the digital I/O--too bad!
2. The Signature 284 All tube Class A Stereo Guitar Amplifier, optimized 
recording and direct use, with about 6 watts of power and compensated
recording outs that come after the power section and include passive
loading--2-space rack mount, single channel with a boost switch and four 
knobs. This thing was designed by John McIntyre, who used to write for 
Player and is based on a similar piece he designed that the Lace-Sensor 
were offering last year. It too has an effects loop (tube driven stereo) 
slave outs. I heard it played both thru cabinets and direct thru monitors 
it was very sweet...the demonstrator could really do the SRV thing and it
sounded almost exactly the same when he switched from cab to monitors. 
be about $999, and in stores in April.
3. They‚re coming out with cabs, too--I saw a little stereo thing that
probably had 2 tens in it...
They‚re also offering a low-end dual stereo multifx called the MPX100 with
Vortex-like selection knobs, MIDI, digital outs, pitch shifting, reverb, 
5.7 sec of delay.
When asked about looping, my contact claimed that they‚d been kicking
themselves over dropping the Jamman, since they started getting big orders
shortly thereafter, and would „definitelyš be back in the looping game 

Electro-Harmonix guy told me that the 16-sec delay was still in the works, 
would be „exactly the same...š

DOD guy told me that their 98 pedal with 8-sec. delays was „delayed...but

tc electronic‚s FireworX multifx looked extremely powerful, like a 
G-Force that even includes a mono synth, has programmable „insertš
capabilities--like an fx loop using either the digital or analog i/o that
you‚re not already using, as far as I can figure--programmable feedback 
modulatable modulators (including a kind of mini sequencer called 
and you can divide up the dsp resources anyway you want, using multiple 
of any algorithms that use less than 50% of the resources. The front-panel
block buttons include Dynamic, Filters, Formant, Distort, Vocode, Synth,
Pitch, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Pan, and EQ...and there are ring mod, noise, 
reverse delay options, altho the delay times didn‚t appear to be any longer
than on the G-Force.

Other toys: Danelectro is back making guitars...copies of the originals 
will list for $299...no Long Horns or sitars,...yet! Plus they have a 
delay pedal (and a tuner)...

The New E-Bow has an octave-up switch...

Digitech‚s Space Station pedal sounds good doing its reverse-delay thing, 
ring modulating...

Rocktron has  a new floor version of their Taboo preamp/fx...the Taboo

Mesa Boogie has a new 1-space non-MIDI preamp, a 3-channel job with stereo
recording outs, fx loop, footswitch and graphic EQ that‚ll be $699...they 
it the Formula Preamp.

Roland had some neat stuff (a 24-bit 8-in, 16-out version of the VS-880 
with a
bigger screen and two fx-board slots-$3000+, a super phrase sampler that
caches directly to a ip drive for about 26 minutes of stereo sampling, and
used 2 simultaneous Dimension Beam controllers to modulate fx or control
audio-$1600....), but nothing new on the guitar front. The VG-8 is still in
the catalog, tho...

If you‚ve got a Mac and like to make sounds with it, MetaSynth is a little
wonder boy!
Eric Wenger, the inventor of it (and Bryce...jeez!), gave me about a 20-min
demo of it that was sheer amazement...cross convolving audio morphs, 
synthesis, paint-brush filter creation, all the typical fx and sound design
algos, works with imported audio or generates its own sounds using up to 
oscillators (on a 200Mhz Mac)....$250.

Believe me, it was PAINful to have to leave before I saw more!