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Re: Recordings

I've been listening to

Jeff Pearce - Vestiges 
        breathtakingly beautiful soundscapes
Sabot -
        A great band from Boston, dark, eerie, a bit like King Crimson's 
Fingerpaint- Blue
        the sound of machines vreating the universe
Beatles - Revolver
Michelle Abby w/ Doug Robinson - Spinner
        sort of Laura Nyro meets Rickie Lee Jones w/ a jazzier George 

Faith and Disease -  Insularia
        more haunting dark gothy folkish stuff

Frank Gerace 

At 11:38 AM 10/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I guess that our recent debate about the legalities of sampling took the
>wind out of the list.
>So, since there have been very few posts to LD, what recordings can 
>Lately, I've been listening to:
>"Forever Sharp and Vivid" by David Torn (guitar), Chris Massey (drums) and
>David Castiglione (bass clarinet and sax).
>"Unfolded Like Staircase" by Discipline (a Detroit area band that sounds
>like Genesis and Gentle Giant circa 1974)
>"Rhinoplasty" by Primus
>Mark Kata