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Re: Recordings

well mark - here's what i've been listening to; some loopy, some not:

i've been spending time with Seven Veils by robert rich (d. torn on 2
very dreamy, very dark.

the latest madeski-martin-wood, Combustication, is nice. i don't know if
i like the turntable stuff, though; hiphop music culture isn't my bag, i
think it's a little too trendy.
(i guess i'll get a bunch of mail about that comment being close-minded
or whatever. sorry. not saying it's bad, just saying it's not for me.)

i've been listening to some older stuff too:

Dream by u. srinivas, michael brook, et al, almost never leaves my cd
tray. golly.

the 1st steve tibbets on cuneiform is fun. i just got it & never knew
that he was such a rock-god style player. hendrix, mclaughlin, & page
influences all over his sleeve.

Homage To Our Guru by aashish khan & indranil bhattacharya is some
amazing raga duet. sarod vs. sitar reminiscent of ravi & ali akbar in
the 50's & 60's.

that's my 2  cents!