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faster hardware for Kyma

For those of you that are interested, Symbolic Sound
showed some really fast hardware for Kyma at AES,
details are at: http://www.SymbolicSound.com/press-AES98.html

The short of it is:
new price: $3300
base system: 4 Motorola 56309 chips at 80Mhz.
(3 chips for DSP, one for housekeeping, each 
56309 is 2.5X faster than a 66Mhz 56002)
96MB sample ram (24MB per DSP, that's about 
3 minutes loop time at 44.1Khz)
4 channels analog/digital i/o standard 
4 more channels optional.
A/D, D/A converters 24-bit at up to 96Khz
Loads of sync input (SMPTE, LTC, Word Clock, etc.)
New expansion cards have 2 chips/48MB each
Up to 12 cards can be added ($595 each).

I'm pretty sure the 563XX series is what
Digidesign is using in their new ProTools Mix
DSP Farms.