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Re: Recordings


my listening recently has included:

XTC - a bunch stuff, oranges, express, rag&bone

PJ Harvey - new CD "is this desire" - great disc, cloudy, murky (murkie?) -
and some cool loops

Zappa - Mystery Disc - the new collection of 60s weirdness, orchestral
music & oddities
Lotsa Zappa in general these days, learning/soaking up for some
shows...(sneaky plug!!)

Gongzilla - Thrive - Lotsa cool looping, i think Torn is on this one....

Elliott Sharp  -Tectonics - his new one, cool drum & bass grooves with his
crazy gtr

Mike Keneally's brilliant new "sluggo" (get it. get it. GET IT!!!)
throw in some Bartok, King's X, Marilyn Monroe (sic), Jeff Buckley's new

peace, andre'

Plug section:
official PROJECT/OBJECT site  http://www.jswd.net/projectobject
[frank  zappa tribute band i play guitar in - hey - we have 6 dates in
OCTOBER..check em out!!]

> From: Bobdog Catlin <psbuddha@texas.net>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Re: Recordings
> Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 1:59 PM
> well mark - here's what i've been listening to; some loopy, some not:
> i've been spending time with Seven Veils by robert rich (d. torn on 2
> tracks).
> very dreamy, very dark.
> the latest madeski-martin-wood, Combustication, is nice. i don't know if
> i like the turntable stuff, though; hiphop music culture isn't my bag, i
> think it's a little too trendy.
> (i guess i'll get a bunch of mail about that comment being close-minded
> or whatever. sorry. not saying it's bad, just saying it's not for me.)
> i've been listening to some older stuff too:
> Dream by u. srinivas, michael brook, et al, almost never leaves my cd
> tray. golly.
> the 1st steve tibbets on cuneiform is fun. i just got it & never knew
> that he was such a rock-god style player. hendrix, mclaughlin, & page
> influences all over his sleeve.
> Homage To Our Guru by aashish khan & indranil bhattacharya is some
> amazing raga duet. sarod vs. sitar reminiscent of ravi & ali akbar in
> the 50's & 60's.
> that's my 2  cents!
> bobdog