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Re: PDS vs.RDS Digitech HEll and more listening lists

I did the same thing as your friend with the foot thing & PDS 8000 -It
sounded so cool to start a break-At one point I had 2 of these & one 2020
-My pedalboard  was like a seesaw board and about as heavy.Cant find them
anywhere anymore -I sold mine when the Jam MAn came out.
        >Dif Juz - Out of the Trees (does anybody like these guys?)

-I played in a dub expierment a few years ago with the bassist from Dif
Juz& the drummer from Rodan.That was pretty wacky.Dif juz were pretty cool
i thought -kinda hard to tag.JUst ordered a used Fernandes sustainer -any
body here using one of these -comments? to me directly klaw@iglou.com.
Hey since were posting useless info
      Alan Lamb -Night Passage*-Arnold Dreyblatt&Ochesrta of Excited
Strings _Animal Magnetism*-some cd of Sudanese Java court music-*James
Potter 7 Drones*
You know Faust*Albert Ayler live in Paris & Lorach*Charles Ives -Symphony
No 4 *
This Heat -Made Available*          KL