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Re: echoplex out there ?

Also, try Mars Music. They have 22 or 23 stores. They carry them and each
store should stock at least one Echoplex and Foot Controller. They do
international sales. 
They have a web site. < http://www.mars-music.com/ >

>Thoroughbred Music carries them in their catalog, you can check them out
>at http://www.tbred-music.com/
>                                                good luck,
>robert kolosowski wrote:
>> I know there's a slim chance of this but ...
>> I'm in 'Down Under' and I have an American mate going back home to
>> Calif. to see a Residents gig, so i thought - good time to pick up a
>> new/used Echoplex.
>> If he's in the "Bay area" can anyone suggest where to look...or am i
>> chasing the Holy Grail ?
>> Thanks
>> Rob
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>> Robert Kolosowski
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